Friday, February 15, 2008

Condell strikes again!

Pat Condell doesn't fuck around. Here's his blunt take on Archbishop Rowan Williams. Of special note is that he and I agree completely on one fundamental point: a religion is as it is practiced. As Condell puts it: "Islam is its followers."


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Anonymous said...

It is a bit asinine to ask the majority of the population to bend over backwards for a small segment in this one-way PC run amok world. I don't know of any places in Islamic countries bending over backwards for those of other cultures and religions in their midsts.

What really gets me, is why are so many Islamic fundamentalists leaving their Allah revering countries and coming to the either overtly Christian or overtly godless and hedonistic West that seem to be their great enemies? Are they all missionaries coming as the Christians did before them? Could this be a prelude to a grand jihad scheme? Or, is life not really a bed of roses and future virgins in the land of Allah?