Saturday, October 13, 2018

a tour of my room

Here's a look at my digs.

My place has the look and feel of a converted barn; there's plenty of woodwork and masonry in evidence, along with the pleasant, rustic smells of wood and stone.

A creaky stairway leads up to my second-floor apartment, which is a huge, open space with four beds in it. This is way more space than I need, but Dominique's B&B is designed to host groups and families. There are no other guests at the moment, but a huge group of musicians will be arriving only a day or so after I leave, so all of the rooms will soon be filled to the brim with musical folk.

After the stairway, you get your first view of the spacious area that I'm lodged in:

A shot of all four beds:

A shot of la salle de bains, which is technically more like a salle de douche because there's a shower in there, but no bathtub.

The French word for "shower" is douche. Don't snicker.

Last but not least, les toilettes. In France, the "water closet" is typically separate from the bathroom (literally, the room of baths"). The slang term is les chiottes, or the crapper.

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