Wednesday, October 17, 2018

walk to Niort: finally into the city

Upon leaving Magné, I walked a straight shot to Niort along Route D9. This proved somewhat dangerous, as much of the route was a freeway with no shoulders. Getting into town was a relief because I could walk on sidewalks, but even in town, there was one long segment during which I once again had to dodge traffic. Never a pleasant experience, that.

That final pic is of my initial destination: la Gare de Niort, the train station at which I had arrived this past Friday. I bought some sandwiches, a Coke, and an Orangina, then sat down to a well-earned lunch.

Around that time, I decided that 33,000 steps would be enough for one day, so I messaged Dominique, and he suggested I walk over to Tim's private school to be picked up by Maman, who would be there to drive Tim back home after school was out. Dom also suggested I hang out at la Brèche, a green space with benches and grass, if I wanted to stretch out. Those pics are coming up.

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