Friday, October 19, 2018

seen on the way to the train station

After our tour of four churches, Maman drove us all into Niort, where she let me and Papa off to wander the downtown area while she went off for an appointment. This is what led me and Papa to wander some open squares and back streets before ending up at major locations like the church of Saint André, the fortress/dungeon, and the park called la Brèche, where I had been two days earlier.

Having gone to the toilet twice before being dropped off in town, I was fine, and Papa and I had ourselves a good, placid walk before we eventually turned toward the train station, where Maman had agreed to pick up Papa. Dominique was scheduled to arrive at the station about twenty minutes later to pick me up so that he and I could go shopping for Korean ingredients for Friday's dinner.

When Papa and I popped out of a back street and came upon la Brèche, we saw a dragon-like sculpture that seemed to have a functional purpose. Later, as we crossed the park, we came upon a little sculpture of a figure that appeared to be from Chinese culture, maybe Confucius or a Taoist sage. I palpated the sculpture, which actually wobbled a bit under my fingers; it had been sloppily attached to the stone with something like silicone sealant. It was also hard to confirm the thing was actually metal; it could have been metal or some sort of heavy plastic, for all I could tell.

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