Wednesday, October 17, 2018

walk to Niort: a glimpse inside the Eglise Notre-Dame

After resting a bit at the train station, I texted Dominique that I had decided not to walk back to Le Vanneau-Irleau. He suggested that I walk over to Tim's private school to be picked up by Maman at 3:45 p.m. I texted Maman to give her a heads-up that she was going to have an extra passenger; she texted back with a "Mais, oui!"

Tim's school is next to the town's largest church, l'Eglise Notre-Dame. The church and Tim's school were a mere kilometer away from the train station, so I heaved myself upright and lumbered in that direction. Seeing an open door at the church, I gave in to my monkey curiosity and walked inside, where I then set about taking a slew of blurry pictures that I now present to you.

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