Saturday, October 13, 2018

Tim becomes my tour guide

During my peregrinations, I met Dominique's youngest son Timothé, who became my guide on a walk of a couple miles that took me out to see the marsh (marais) for which Dom's B&B, la Demeure du Marais, is named.

One of the neighbors has small stone lions guarding his driveway. I was impressed enough to take a pic:

Next up is a shot of a little path where cars are not allowed:

We pop back out into the main neighborhood:

Et voilà: a first look at the marsh. I tried calling the watercourse a "creek" in French (un ruisseau), but Tim corrected me, insisting that this was le marais: the marsh. It still looked like a creek to me, but I think the point is that there's little to no current. Call it a marsh or a bog or a fen, or even a swamp: the water that's here is here to stay. As Tim pointed out during our tour, the soil here is black and fertile, and the water table is very high, allowing for vegetables and other plants to grow quite robustly.

Some more shots of the start of the marsh:

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