Tuesday, October 30, 2018

that's a no-go for Bundang

I got word today that we three remaining R&D staffers will not be moving to the spanking-new Bundang office. Why? Student-enrollment numbers at the Bundang branch are apparently so high that the room allocated to us will need to be used as a classroom for the kids. At a guess, our new boss will still be commuting to and working at the Bundang office. This suits me fine: I don't have to pack all my shit up, and God knows I have a lot of shit at this point, most of it kitchen-related. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to explore the Bundang neighborhood, which one of my coworkers tells me is actually a foodie destination, with plenty of very good foreign restaurants. I also won't be able to test my mettle by walking back to my apartment from Bundang—a 17-kilometer hike that would be slightly shorter in length than my first walk from Le Vanneau-Irleau to Niort two weeks ago. But not having to move is a huge plus; thank Cthulhu for small favors.

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