Saturday, October 13, 2018

déclaration de guerre contre le bambou

Dominique insists that I not pay for my stay, but he's not averse to putting me to work: he needed some help clearing out a mess of bamboo that had begun to grow in front of the doors of one of his sheds, so he handed me a huge pair of clippers, and we went to town on the bamboo.

Dom says he's using an anti-rhizomal measure to stop the bamboo from taking over his property, but it doesn't seem to be working.
We clipped and tossed a pretty good pile of bamboo before calling it a day. Before attacking the bamboo, we had collected several piles of dead branches that had been clipped months ago, but that Dom hadn't had the time or energy to collect and dispose of. All of that has now been loaded onto his remorque (a wheeled, towable truck designed for just this sort of task; remorquer = to tow) to be taken, eventually, to the local eco-dump.

We didn't win the battle against the bamboo, but we saved one shed from being engulfed in it.

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