Saturday, October 13, 2018

I wish I'd eaten this

"Fournil" contains the French word for "oven" in it (le four); it means "the bakehouse." Radiating out from Montparnasse was the Avenue du Maine, for which this bakehouse was named. I stopped and stared longingly into the place's window, drooling at much of the food I saw on display. I took photos of some of that food, paying special attention to what appeared to be curry noodles of some sort.

We have a Maine Avenue in DC; it's locally famous as a wharf where you can buy fresh seafood, much of it brought in from Chesapeake Bay.


John Mac said...

How expensive is it there relative to Seoul and/or DC?

Kevin Kim said...

I'd say the prices are comparable, but tilting a bit toward the expensive side. A 500-ml bottle of Coke is 2.40 euros at the train station; that's almost twice as expensive as the same bottle in the States. But the food pictured above is only slightly more expensive than, say, similar food in DC.