Friday, October 26, 2018

l'église fortifiée à Courçon

One church that Papa wanted to hit on the way back was a "fortress church" or "fortified church" in the town of Courçon, which was on our way back home. It was an imposing structure, but I ended up thinking of it as an ecclesiastical version of a crème brûlée: crusty fortifications on the outside, softly lit churchiness on the inside. Maman, in reading some of the church's history posted on a wall, said this was a "false" fortress. Perhaps it served as some sort of decoy. Hard to say.

We drove home after our tour of the church. I once again elected to skip dinner, knowing that we'd be taking a big trip out to La Rochelle on Friday. Neither Dom nor Véro thinks we'll be out at the coast all day, so I'll have time to say my goodbyes to Maman and Papa before I leave very early on Saturday morning.

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