Sunday, October 21, 2018

Saturday lunch

Maman and Papa made an appearance for Saturday lunch at Dominique's house. Maman brought her excellent mousse au chocolat as well as a flan-like crème aux oeufs. The main course, which had been discussed the previous evening, was a wonderful boeuf bourguignon with meat as tender as my galbi was tough. Also on offer was homemade spätzle, which made for a perfect complement to the beef Burgundy.

All of the kids were there, and although lunch was a bit rushed because some of the kids had things to do, I had the chance to enjoy an excellent meal and to continue a discussion of history and culture with Papa, who seems to lean decidedly conservative in his social and political views.

Le Vanneau-Irleau is, I think, a fairly conservative-friendly haven where people can speak openly about, for example, a need for a return to traditional values. In many ways, the village feels like a throwback to another era: it's quiet and picturesque; people greet each other on the streets with big smiles; folks here value hard work, the soil, family, and community. This may be one of the last pockets of traditional French culture around. Papa shook his head and said that the town he used to live in, Carquefou, has gone to the dogs over the past decade or so. Much that was old had been destroyed and refashioned; social disintegration had begun to wear away at the thews holding the town together. It was time to get out, Papa concluded.

Politics or no politics, this was a good, satisfying meal. I could have eaten all the beef myself, but I settled for serving myself two modest platefuls. And I made sure to have one of each type of dessert.

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