Thursday, October 18, 2018

today: lunch, a tour, shopping, and food prep

I'm still sick, but today's list of things to do won't be that demanding. I'll be having lunch with Maman and Papa again, after which we'll be tooling around town (which I assume means Niort) and visiting local churches, during which time Papa will put on his tour-guide hat and give me the history of the buildings we find ourselves in.

After that, I'll be meeting up with Dominique, either in town or back at his place. We'll head out to do some grocery shopping for galbi and shrimp fried rice. Then, once we're back home, we'll prep the food: galbi needs time to marinate, and fried rice has a ton of components that have to be minced. All this prep is for the sake of Friday night's dinner, which will be a sort of dîner à la coréenne. My one fear is that the beef will end up too salty if I let it marinate overnight, so I might hold off on marinating until Friday morning. We'll see.

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