Wednesday, October 24, 2018

the longer walk to Niort

Dom's wife tried to rain on my parade by telling me my longer walk to Niort was in the low 20s of kilometers. I'm calling bullshit on that: at over 42,000 steps, I was either just under or just over 30 km. When I do my Incheon walk, 45,000 steps is around 32 km; 42,000 steps comes out to about 29.8 km.

Of course, part of the reason for the high count was that I got turned around a bit at the town of Magné: by the time I hit Route D9, I was a mile east of where I needed to be. That incident probably added a few thousand unnecessary steps to my walk.

I did discover that the bike path that seemed to point west actually did a quick U-turn and headed alongside the Sèvre niortaise, one of two rivers named Sèvre (the other being the Sèvre nantaise; the region where Dom lives is called Les Deux Sèvres for this reason: they converge).

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