Wednesday, October 17, 2018

walk to Niort: la Brèche and Tim's private school

In my text exchange with Dominique while I was at the train station, Dom suggested that I go to la Brèche, a wide-open green space in town where I could, as Dom wrote, "te rallonger dans l'herbe," i.e., stretch myself out on the grass.

Dom had said that la Brèche was on the way to Tim's school, but it was actually off that path a bit. I ended up backtracking from Tim's school and the church to reach la Brèche, which proved to be an area with a large, grassy park, several manicured hedges with benches tucked between them, and a recreation space with restaurants and a cinema. Disdaining the grass, I chose a stone bench for myself on the park's periphery.

On my way to la Brèche was another church whose name I can't remember. I didn't go inside it, but here it is:

And below is a shot of la Brèche itself. You see the green space, and at the top of the hill, the restaurants. There's a movie theater on the grounds, too, but it's not visible because it's underground. In the foreground, you can see a dude on a stone bench that's just like the one I sat on.

Lastly, a tantalizing shot of the "administrative entryway" (l'entrée administrative) to Tim's school. Maman and I arrived at the school at about the same time, and we waited on a back street for Tim, who popped out the school's front gate and found us. After he climbed into the car, we drove home, and during the drive I gave a running narration of the places I had seen along my walk.

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