Friday, April 17, 2020

carbonara: the revenge

I've devoted some space on this blog to the issue of carbonara; use my blog's search engine to look up past posts on this topic. You'll recall the post in which three Italian chefs took a critical look at some Americans' attempts at making carbonara; they had very little praise to give, and they were especially harsh toward Andrew Rea, a.k.a. Babish from Binging with Babish. Several months later, Rea posted a "redemption" video on his YouTube channel that was something of a non-apology: he made carbonara the correct Italian way, then he gleefully showcased his decidedly un-traditional riff on the dish (which included garlic—normally beloved in Italian cuisine, but utterly absent from true carbonara).

Now, we've got the Bon Appétit crew doing their own versions of carbonara, and I'm pretty sure that if the same triumvirate of Italian chefs were to watch the following video, their heads would explode. The BA crew makes it obvious that they're perfectly aware of how orthodox carbonara is made; it's also obvious that they don't give a damn. Enjoy.

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