Wednesday, April 29, 2020

InYang Walk: a quick Day 1 report

Long walk today. About 3.2 km from the motel to Geomam Station. Another 2 km from Cheongna International City Rail Station to the beginning of the Four Rivers bike trail. Another 30 km to my current location near Gayang Station.

The most remarkable thing to report is that there's nothing to report. My feet are achy, but otherwise fine. For a brief moment in my current digs, I thought I'd experienced a real change in my right foot: the swelling seemed to have gone down, and when I curled my toes back, I could see my tendons. That effect didn't last, though, but it gives me hope that a reduction in swelling is possible. Hooray for painkillers?

Otherwise, it was a beautiful walk on a beautiful day. Here are some pics. I took 58 of them, but I'll publish the rest later. The final image shows an elderly couple riding a trike together. There was something lovely about that moment.


John Mac said...

That's great news re: the feet. Keep on keepin' on!

Daniel said...

55k. Now, that's what I call a walk. (Don't think I've ever made it past 35k.) Here's hoping your feet hold up the next three days. Could always rest a day at home before heading to Hanam?