Tuesday, April 21, 2020

China doesn't want to share

There's a sense in which greedy corporatism has caused, or at least contributed to, the current problem. And what is that problem? China controls the world's medical supplies, from medicine to equipment, which means they have much of the developed world by the balls. Why? Because China was willing to produce these things for cheap using labor that is practically slave labor, and corporations turn a blind eye to this fact. 90s-era Democrats ought to feel some vindication as this situation plays out. The problem is that 90s-era Democrats don't seem to exist anymore. Instead, we have 2020-era leftist Democrats who side with China, in word and in deed, and who are now against President Trump's attempts to bring jobs and manufacturing back to America. It's a weird world that we live in. Personally, I'd be happy to wave a wand and magically Thanos-dust every China-sympathizing leftist reporter, politician, and citizen out there. Poof. Won't happen, but it's a gratifying thought. Here's China Uncensored on the current pickle we find ourselves in:


John Mac said...

Well, I was one of those "90s era Democrats" and you know where I am today. I have long believed a day of reckoning is coming with China. I sincerely hope that is not in the form of WWIII. My escape plan from the Philippines has always been premised on this scenario "When the Chinese come in and take over, I'm going to..." My plan had been to escape to Cambodia, but China has been making inroads there as well. So maybe Vietnam, they've got the balls to stand up to their one-time benefactor. We'll see.

I'm hoping this Wuhan virus is the wake-up call for the rest of the world to the peril China poses. I'm seeing some hopeful signs in that regard. Interestingly, Joe Biden is running a campaign ad accusing Trump of being too SOFT on China. Biden has always been China's bitch, so that's a pretty significant turn around. Will wonders never cease?

Kevin Kim said...

Biden no longer remembers what positions he held when. Senility shields him from the accusation of hypocrisy. He's an object of pity now.