Thursday, April 09, 2020

Uncle Bernie throws in the towel

Bernie abandonne! Styx on the latest turn of events:


John Mac said...

This was posted by a friend on my Facebook page this morning:

"Elizabeth Warren stole Bernie's platform (without any of the soul or character) and gutted his chances of beating Biden. Funny how all of Biden's opponents dropped out before Super Tuesday but Warren stayed in (amazing) crippling Bernie's chances. Democrats, how does it feel to have your nominee CHOSEN FOR YOU? Open wide, here comes Sleepy Joe!"

I left this comment:

I still expect something to happen prior to or at the convention where Joe regretfully announces he must withdraw. Hell, no one would doubt it if he admitted his diminished mental capacity. So, the question is who does the deep state really want as their nominee?

We shall see.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I suppose continued shenanigans are possible, maybe even inevitable.