Friday, April 17, 2020

zee brisket, she eez so lovely

It's a very humble, very dinky one-kilo slab of fifty-dollar brisket, but after I put it through my baking/roasting regimen, it came out beautifully. I tested the tenderness at the thin end of the cut, and it wasn't dried out at all. This oven-based technique doesn't result in bark, and I'm not about to try broiling the meat, risking a fire alarm, just to find out whether an oven-roasted brisket can actually have a layer of bark.

The meat is being stored in an airtight container, along with the liquid that was part of the baking/roasting process (not quite a braise: the meat was elevated above the level of the liquid). I thought about storing the meat in a Ziploc bag along with the liquid, but that would have washed the layer of BBQ sauce off. I can't have that, so the airtight plastic container is my best solution. I'll slice the meat at the office, paint the slices with more BBQ sauce, then reheat everything in our office's microwave.

Can't wait to eat this.

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