Thursday, April 16, 2020

ROK electoral fallout

ROK Drop has a post about how the Korean left can celebrate a probable victory. Excerpt:

...the ruling party had a number of factors going for [it] to ensure [it] won the election. The coronavirus response by the Moon administration is obviously the most [crucial]. The administration overall did a good job handling the pandemic[,] and even [in] the areas where [it] obviously screwed up[,] [it] did not have to worry about a partisan media continuing to hype [those mistakes] like what you see in the US with the Trump administration.

The Moon administration[,] very early on in [its] tenure[,] made sure to take control of most of the media in the country[, a move that included] jailing journalists who [published] articles [it did] not agree with. This led to largely positive domestic and then international press coverage even though the administration’s pandemic response was not as strong as [that of] other countries in the region.

The ruling party also passed an [election-law] bill that ultimately allowed [it] to increase the [number] of unelected proportional parliament members. The Democrat Party then went and created satellite parties that shared [the] same ideology to take these proportional seats. This effectively decreased the [number] of seats [that its] conservative rivals could win in the elections.

ROK Drop is always full of typos and silly gaffes (hence all the bracketed corrections above), but the information on the blog is consistently good. I'll shave my head the day ROK Drop publishes a typo- and error-free post.

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