Saturday, April 11, 2020

redemption pie!

Pie! It strikes again!

Not a total redemption, perhaps, but good enough. I brought a second apple pie for Friday's lunch, and it was well received. This time around, I didn't forget the flour. As you'll see below, the pie's top got more of a suntan than I would've liked, but this affected the taste not a whit. Think: caramelization, not burns.

I forgot to take a shot of the pie while I was at home, so I took a picture once I was in the office. Note that this pie isn't domed. That's because I par-cooked the filling:

Your food-porn angle:

The one-piece-missing shot (note the lack of leakage and runniness):

My personal slice, with ice cream:

And finally, a wide shot to show what a difference a little flour makes. The pie tin's bottom is, as you'll note, perfectly dry:

My former boss came in and saw the pie. She's kind of parasitic when it comes to my cooking: I've never invited her to eat with us, but if she happens to stumble upon some of my food, she'll normally hang around to get a bite. This time, though, she was too distracted to stick around, so she got nada. Anyway, before she disappeared into yet another meeting, she chirped that my use of a thin Korean jjigae (stew) pan as a pie tin was "innovative." You do what you have to, and you use whatever Daiso (the local dollar store) has on offer.

My coworker, the one married to a trained chef (she's Korean, and her specialties are Korean and Japanese cuisine), took a pic of his slice of pie and said he wouldn't be sharing it with his wife, who can apparently become very jealous if he doesn't come home with an empty stomach and a desire to gobble down dinner. He said he'd be saving the shot as part of his own food-porn collection; I told him that I have a whole folder devoted to food porn on my phone. I really need to make a slideshow. And I'm beginning to wonder whether I might be in some sort of weird, silent competition with my coworker's wife.


John Mac said...

HaHa! Food adultery, that's a first!

The pie looks great, especially with that vanilla ice cream. Did you slice the apples differently this time? They look chunkier than the first version. I've been buying apple pie at my local bakery and was surprised at how thin they slice the apple. My recollection of American apple pie was chunky apples.

Anyway, it's all good. Well done!

Charles said...

So what's your verdict on parboiling versus fresh?

Kevin Kim said...


It must be some trick of the camera angle or something because I sliced the apples the same way. I think.


It didn't make much difference: the apples still retained a bit of their firmness and crunch. I vaguely remember needing to cook the hell out of the apples to get them down to a mushy consistency.

Charles said...

So basically you'd be baking an apple sauce pie.

Kevin Kim said...


Not quite that mushy.