Tuesday, April 21, 2020

your KJU rumor for the day

Take with a huge grain of salt (seen here):

ROK Drop hasn't written a thing about this, which makes me wonder how reliable such news is. The tweet itself mentions NBC and CNN, two very untrustworthy news outlets. Sorry for committing the genetic fallacy, but since I personally have no way of verifying this claim, my default mode is Hermeneutic of Suspicion.

But just for the hell of it, let's engage in some sci-fi-style speculation. If KJU really is brain dead, then he's not coming back from that condition, and North Korea will need to fill its leadership void. Who might fill it? KJU's sister? The military? Surely not KJU's trophy wife. If the man has any kids, they're all too young to assume power.

Let's go further into conspiracy-theory territory. Could KJU's current condition have been... prompted by someone else's action? Is this a power move? Assuming the truth of KJU's plight, this can certainly be seen as either a power move or as necessitating a power move.

It could be that things on the peninsula are about to get exciting. But we'll see. Skepticism first. US news agencies are as bad as Pyongyang when it comes to truthfulness.


Daniel said...

COVID-19 got him?

Kevin Kim said...

Some people are wondering whether KJU might've contracted the virus during his recent surgery. (Assuming he was even getting surgery.)