Sunday, April 26, 2020

seen during a stroll

I'm actually fairly busy this weekend. I'm doing some work at home for the company, but I'm also making time for a riverside stroll and doing at least one quasi-Thai cooking project (messy result to be displayed later this evening). I was too busy yesterday to do the long walk I'd wanted to do, and today, I only managed to squeeze in a 21K-step walk that is about two-thirds of the walk I had originally wanted to do. Still, it was enough to learn that, yes, my right foot still hurts when walking over 15K steps, but no, nothing re-broke. I should have taken my ibuprofen before I began walking, but once I had started, commitment bias took over, so I shrugged and kept on walking.

Some flowers seen along the way as I neared the Jamshil Bridge:

This has become an almost obligatory shot—the wee little weir under the Jamshil Bridge:

This is the spot where the Tan Creek pours its waters into the Han:

And here's a video that shows how, when the weather is good, nothing can keep a Seoulite down (inwardly, I call most of these people "fair-weather pussies"):


John Mac said...

What's that Hanguel at the bottom of the Tan creek photo?

Kevin Kim said...

That's "마라톤 행사구간" (mara-ton haengsa gugan), or "marathon event area." A "구간" (gugan) is literally a "section," i.e., this section of the path is devoted to marathon events.