Friday, April 10, 2020

the exhilarating Mountain of Hell

Watch this at 2X speed—the Mountain of Hell race in France at Les Deux Alpes:

The guy was blowing through this course at an incredible 30 mph.* Watching it at twice normal speed made it feel like the speeder-bike chase in "Return of the Jedi," only for real. Amazing. And there's a cool crash right at the beginning.

My only question, though, has to do with how legal it is to cut across parts of the track in the interest of short-cutting. Is that kosher? The biker does it many, many times, avoiding serpentine curves by simply rolling straight over the bumpy terrain. Seems a bit dodgy to me, but I guess the guy legitimately won.

*The Mountain of Hell course is 15 miles in length, and the guy did the course in 30 minutes. That's an average of 30 miles an hour on mountainous terrain. Incredible.

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