Thursday, April 30, 2020

InYang walk: a quick Day 2 report

Not as long of a walk today, but it was painful. Here are a few of the 48 pics I took today.

But first, some stats:

The church that greets me as I'm leaving the Gayang Station neighborhood:

A shwim-teo in the shadow of an apartment complex:

As you're crossing under the freeway that runs parallel to the bike trail, you go through a tunnel and get your first glimpse of the Han River:

At this point, I'm in Yeouido. I've photographed the following sculpture of two kids before, but I was happy, this time, to see there was no garbage heedlessly left next to the kids:

A happy spray of flowers:

The sculpture of the monster from "Gwaemul":

Flaky the Bear-Wolf, from a different angle:

I'm always fascinated by the cathedral-like geometry of the pylons that support the bridges that span the Han River. Most of those bridges are over a kilometer in length:

We're close to where I leave the Han to turn onto the path that goes along the Tan Creek. Way in the distance, you might see the Lotte World Tower, which sits in the Jamshil neighborhood:

The footbridge that leads over a freeway and into my neighborhood:

Flowers are out everywhere, and so are the bikers and walkers. I'd been tempted to take a bunch of videos to show just how many people are on the bike paths, even on weekdays. In the early morning, it's mostly old folks who have made morning constitutionals a part of their routine. As the hours roll on, though, the younger folks come out, including plenty of Lycra-clad young ladies on bikes. I've been reining in the urge to create a Gallery of Female Asses on this blog; a 50-something introvert shouldn't be building a reputation as a dirty old creep. But hey, when I see a nice ass in tight clothing, I can't help the thoughts I think.

And a mindful Vesak (the Buddha's birthday) to you!

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