Tuesday, April 21, 2020

some damn fine cheeseburgers

Monday night. I need to use up the last of my bread, and I've got more ground beef to play with. No bacon tonight, but I'm using a different approach to burger-making: we're going for smash burgers.

A smash burger is thin and flimsy, with a crisp outer layer that's been charred thanks to high heat on the grill (and in my case, a lot of help from some leftover bacon grease). My typical burger—like the ones I'd made on Sunday—incorporates salt, pepper, Italian herbs, and some red-chili flakes. Sunday's bacon double cheeseburgers were okay, but disappointingly well-done. Monday night, I wanted something better-cooked and better-tasting, hence smash burgers.

Instead of prepping these burgers the usual way, I glopped in two tablespoons of my homemade barbecue sauce plus a bit of salt, then fried those babies in the pan. Result: amazing. I may have found a new approach to burger-making. It's a bit frustrating that I've made several meals in a row in which I've gotten things right on the second try, but in this case, the trial and error were worth it.

A shot of the burgers, open-face-style, with my homemade sauce on this time:

And a more food-porny angle:

Trust me—these were amazing. Not a bad way to finish off a batch of homemade bread. The buns died with honor. Any Klingon would have been proud. And arguably thanks to the bacon grease, I didn't miss the absent bacon.


Daniel said...

Patties look pretty impressive!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks. They're crumbly, but that's par for the course with smash burgers, which are loosely packed and are crushed in such a way as to maximize the surface area that gets browned up (Maillard reaction). See here.