Monday, April 20, 2020

Styx on not trusting polls, and not trusting hype about polls

Unbelievable, and yet also unsurprising: the left is trying the same stupid shit again regarding polls and how to interpret them. Do they ever learn?

Here's a new person to listen to on YouTube: Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, a recent inductee to the #WalkAway tribe who wrote an article about her experience—as a liberal at the time—visiting a Trump rally, where she discovered to her surprise that Trumpistas are good, kind, open-minded folks who don't spew violence, hatred, and bigotry with every breath. Borysenko received plenty of threats of violence, expressions of hatred, and eruptions of bigotry from her then-fellow lefties for having written that article; since then, she has established herself as a Tim Pool-esque presence on YouTube: a liberal-ish person who has seen the light regarding the true nature of the right, which turns out not to be the festering citadel of evil that the left makes it out to be. Borysenko's videos have been relentlessly critical of the left and where it has gone, and while I think there's a slim chance she might return to the left if that side of the aisle were to calm down and regain its sanity, I suspect that Borysenko is pretty much done with, and utterly disgusted with, the left. In the video below, Borysenko talks about the issue I mention above: that the left never learns its lesson. It's sad and funny at the same time, but the left truly does seem incapable of learning from past mistakes because (1) it's utterly divorced from reality, and (2) it has too much hubris and too little self-consciousness even to acknowledge that it has made any mistakes:

Alienating voters with insults isn't a good campaign strategy, especially when such a stance alienates the middle, i.e., the swing voters. People like Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard understood this. Joe Biden might have understood this, once upon a time. Not anymore, though, and that's going to cost him this election. Luckily, Biden's old enough, now, that we won't ever have to worry about him campaigning for president again, thank Cthulhu.

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