Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Spring continues to spring. It's been windy and cool lately, but the flowers are out, and vernal aromas are in the air. Here are some shots of flowering bushes close to where I work:

Blame the wind for the blurriness in this shot:

Note the weirdness of the red flowers popping up among the purple ones:

Le monde végétal is gettin' funky. Joyeux printemps!


Daniel said...

Blame the wind? I'd blame that ancient camera first... I've heard great things about the Xiaomi Mi A3 triple camera setup. All for less than 200k.

Kevin Kim said...

In a time when we're all thinking of economically divorcing ourselves from China, you're advising me to... buy Chinese?

In all seriousness, though: I do need to get a new cell phone. Mine dates to 2013. Are current cell phones better about motion blur? How about taking pics in low-light conditions? Cell phones traditionally suck at the latter.