Friday, April 24, 2020

two from Pool

Here are two Tim Pool videos for your delectation:

Of course, the spineless Cuomo immediately denied he bore any ill will toward CNN. The viewing public, which has gotten used to this level of bullshit by now, blithely moved on.

Second vid: a black Dem representative has endorsed Trump. Facing blowback from fellow Democrats who can't stand the notion of a black man leaving the liberal-Democrat plantation, the rep resigned.

I'd like to say this is a kick in the nuts of the Democratic party, but I think this is more like the people chained inside Plato's cave who, even after having been told by the one guy who freed himself that there's a greater truth out there, snarl that they want to remain where they are, in chains and still ignorant. The Dems and the left have reached a point where the momentum is just too powerful: they simply can't help what they do anymore.

ADDENDUM: here's one from Styx about Trump's 90% chance of victory.


John Mac said...

I read yesterday that the Dem rep you mention has now decided to serve out his term. Says he doesn't want the bullies to win.

Kevin Kim said...

Poor Tim Pool, eh? Always just slightly out of date.