Saturday, May 16, 2020

another reason not to get a doctorate

American academe is fucked. There's no other way to put it than that. What used to be a proud, globally respected edifice of knowledge, scholarship, and the free exchange of ideas has collapsed into a smoking, crumbling ruin. Oh, sure: people from other countries still send their kids to the States to get a first-class education, but with postmodernism having infected all fields of study (yes: including the hard sciences, which were the last to fall), the "education" those international students receive will amount to little more than leftist indoctrination. Political correctness, coupled with the grievance/victimhood culture of "you owe me," has utterly ruined American academe. Years ago, I had thought about going for a Ph.D. and becoming a professor, but the idealized conception of college campuses as safe havens of learning has evaporated. Everything is grievance culture now; everything is "intersectionality." Even liberals like biologist Bret Weinstein, formerly of the now-infamous Evergreen State College, get dog-piled by so-called fellow liberals for being politically incorrect.

In the midst of all this nonsense is the hilarious-but-toxic idea that college campuses are cesspits of "rape culture." The spurious statistic that one of every five college-aged women is sexually assaulted has become unquestioned gospel on the left, so if you're a male who gets drunk, makes out with a coed, and gets accused of assaulting her, you're sure to be expelled. Why these assault cases aren't handled by the police is utterly beyond me, but for the longest time, rape and other sexual-assault cases have been adjudicated on campus as an internal matter. This is completely insane, and not merely because of my concern for the man accused of rape: if a woman has really been raped, then she ought to go to the police immediately. The current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos (despised by the left, of course), has introduced measures that would make on-campus adjudication of assault follow rules of due process (to which all citizens have a constitutional right). While I personally think DeVos ought to just make all such cases a police and legal matter, the move toward due process on campus is a welcome step in the right direction. Unsurprisingly, the left is screaming its head off about how unjust it is to offer justice to the accused (after all, men are automatically guilty, right?), and the American Civil Liberties Union in particular is fuming. In fact, it's suing. I guess the ACLU isn't self-aware enough to catch the irony of suing to stop people from enjoying their constitutionally given civil liberties.

Tim Pool & Co. cover the latest news about this issue:

Upshot: American academe is fucked, and I have no more interest in setting foot on any college campuses, and certainly no interest in ever becoming a professor. Like Al Pacino's character in "Scent of a Woman," I'm ready to take a flamethrower to all these twisted institutions. When the rot soaks in this deep, how else do you eradicate it?

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