Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tim Pool on the "major scandal" of Obamagate

This looks pretty damn bad for the previous administration, but I still doubt any of the guilty parties will face meaningful justice:

As Styx says, Trump tweets out a vague "Obamagate!" devoid of context in order to stir the waters and see what reaction his tweet produces. That reaction becomes, in turn, a set of tea leaves for Trump to read as he susses out the reality of the situation. This is what the "Trump's a fucking idiot" crowd keeps getting wrong: they fail to see Trump's intellect because they refuse to recognize that he has one. Trump might be illiterate in his tweets, but he has a deadly-keen understanding of human psychology—a fact that I've grudgingly come to acknowledge. People who hope to defeat Trump need to spend more time trying to understand him first. Their consistent refusal to do so makes them the fucking idiots.

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