Thursday, May 28, 2020

cartoon made for work

We're working on several textbooks right now, generating material on a chapter-by-chapter basis. One chapter is devoted to the Salem witch trials, and since we're working off a content-based curriculum, everything we do is rooted in the reading passage that starts the chapter. To that end, I was tasked with creating a "put the sentences in the correct order" page. The idea was to have a six-panel cartoon whose sixth panel was left blank. The other five panels would tell a story, and it was the job of the student to look at five scrambled sentences and put them in order in accordance with the sequenced pictures. The student would then (1) draw his or her idea of what happens next in the sixth panel, and (2) supply the sixth and final sentence to finish the story.

Here, for your entertainment, is the paneled comic strip I drew last night, using hand-drawn line art and Photoshop to fill in color and detail. I've also included the five scrambled sentences so you can work the story out for yourselves. Feel free to leave a sixth and story-ending sentence in the comments.

The pictures below tell a story. The sentences below the picture tell the same story, but the sentences are out of order. Rewrite the sentences in the correct order, then do two more things: (1) draw a sixth picture showing what happens next, and (2) write a final sentence describing what happens in your picture.

The man changes into a frog.
The insect pulls the man-frog through the air and over a high cliff.
The man-frog, hungry, sees an insect flying past.
An evil witch uses her powers on a man.
He leaps after the insect, catching it on his tongue.


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Charles said...

"The insect just keeps going, because it is actually a North Korean spybot, and the man-frog ends up as soup inside Lil' Kim's belly."