Friday, May 29, 2020

wake up: voter fraud is worse than you think

Here's Tim Pool:

I may have mentioned, several weeks ago, that my buddy JW scoffed at the idea of mail-in ballots for overseas expats. He zeroed in on the notion that cheating with such ballots would be easy. As it turns out, mail-in ballots are indeed easy to cheat with, but what's the alternative? If we have voters identify themselves via biometric markers, that's a violation of privacy/anonymity. Voting via email is fraught with potential problems since all encryptions are ultimately breakable. JW's idea was that US embassies should set up voting stations for expats. I think that's not a bad thought, but I can imagine the overworked embassy staff possibly staging a revolt because of the sudden influx of voters.

Now that I'm thinking more deeply about the question of voter fraud, I'm wondering whether my vote might even mean anything. Should I even vote this year? Like my buddy Mike, I'm torn, albeit for very different reasons.

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