Tuesday, May 19, 2020

fuck China

As much as I respect Chinese history and culture, I have to say that the wave of leftism that washed over the Middle Kingdom pretty much plunged the entire country into a diarrhea-filled toilet, and things have been shitty ever since. Here's the latest example of Chinese shittiness, found over at Instapundit (edited for space and style):

HEADLINE: China slaps an 80 per cent tariff on drought-affected Australian exporters starting TODAY as brutal punishment for push for COVID-19 inquiry—just hours after saying it'll support inquiry when pandemic is over

·China imposed [an 80%] tariff on Oz barley exports from May 19
·In May, China claimed Oz dumped barley & subsidised farmers
·Oz strenuously denies claims & will consider fighting tariffs
·Oz may now look toward supplying produce to Saudi Arabia
·It comes after China vowed to support a probe re: origins of COVID-19
·President Xi Jinping said China would support inquiry after pandemic
·Diplomatic relations b/t nations deteriorated as Oz called for probe
·Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Go read the article. What a clusterfuck.

It occurs to me that, with much of the world now contemplating some sort of divorce or divestment from China, South Korea is going to be in an awkward position as one of China's few remaining cheerleaders. Why? Because China is South Korea's largest trading partner, and especially under the China-suckling Moon administration, I can't imagine South Korea ever growing a backbone and pivoting toward India in a show of independence. Korea used to be a vassal state of China, so the history of this unwholesome toadyism goes way, way back.

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John Mac said...

Fuck China! The silver lining of this pandemic is people are beginning to wake up to the true nature of China and the threat it poses to the world. And yeah, Korea has always been China's bitch and I have no doubt that will continue. President Duterte here in the PI is also bending over in response to Chinese transgressions. I hope Xi is at least providing the lube...