Sunday, May 17, 2020

out with the old...

On Saturday, my faithful, three-year-old power pack finally gave up the ghost, so I went out to Yongsan Jeonja Land today and bought a new one:

I think this is supposed to be a power pack that can charge wirelessly, but I won't be using that function as I have no wireless-charging facilities. I'm still getting used to how the new power pack works; it's rated at 10,000 mAh like my previous one, but this one cost me only W25,000, which is about half of what I'd paid three years ago. I'm not complaining.

It's kind of sad to have to commend the old power pack to eternal rest. That pack saw a lot of road miles; it was, in its own humble way, a travel companion, going with me to Busan twice, and accompanying me on many shorter trips to Incheon and to Yangpyeong. The little guy logged in least a couple thousand kilometers before it suddenly kicked the bucket. I hate to part ways with it, but this is, alas, goodbye.


  1. Ah...South Korea. Land of the expensive electronics. I just bought a 30,000 mAh one for $19.99 off of Amazon last month, and I'm thinking about getting a Moto G8 Power with a battery that works for 3 days on a single charge for $230 on Amazon, but I'm holding out for the CDMA version that works on Verizon the company has the best coverage in the U.S.

  2. I can never keep track of where you are. Are you in the US now? You keep bouncing back and forth between Korea and the States, it seems.

    For me, ordering the "cheap" product off Amazon probably means paying extra for shipping.

  3. I'm back in the states for a few months/years. I was being sued by a crooked HOA for exposing the wonderful people at the top and now I'm on the other side in taking it down. It's just that this damn China virus has ground most everything to a standstill over here, but at least I'm available to provide hospice relief care for my only living aunt and uncle.

    Oh, if you do end up back in the states (Idaho is where I'd go), make sure you don't live in either an HOA or a POA. Especially, if they deny your requests into looking into their financial documents as is required by law. At least I'm am getting on hell of an education as to just how corrupt many of them are as well as the lack of support people receive from their local law enforcement officials.

  4. May you get through the drama in one piece.



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