Saturday, May 16, 2020

end the lockdowns?

Below: Tim Pool & Co. discuss the split between red and blue states' handling of the pandemic: the blue states are advocating for strict lockdowns and the removal of basic freedoms; the red states are generally allowing more commerce and freedom of movement. Guess who's doing better in terms of state economies and quality of life? While I'm still unhappy that these issues always end up funneling themselves into red/blue dichotomies, it's obvious that, even with the binary nature of most public discourse, one side has a surer lock on reality than does the other. Neither side is perfect, but one side is obviously saner.

People are doubtless sick of the "4D chess" metaphor by now, but it sure seems as if Trump's federalist approach to the pandemic—i.e., allowing state governments to decide for themselves how to handle matters inside their respective borders—has outed (for those with eyes to see, anyway) which political orientation leads to greater human flourishing, and which doesn't.

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