Sunday, May 10, 2020

from my buddy's son

I couldn't get my phone to focus on these flowers and buds, so JW's son Jiahn sent me his photo.

We all made it. It was a tiring trip for yours truly, but I survived. We arrived in Yangpyeong at exactly 3 p.m., just as I did last year. My feet are killing me despite the constant self-medicating with ibuprofen, but I don't seem to have any new blisters, thank Cthulhu. We ate "linner" at my favorite Chinese restaurant; JW came with his son, and both came away impressed by the food, except for the jjam-bbomg, which JW claimed had a strange aftertaste.

JW and Son departed by subway right after the meal. I'm staying here, washing my clothes, blogging while fighting sleep, and taking time to heal.

So we all made it, and we're all fine.

More soon.

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Daniel said...

Mission accomplished! Can only imagine how good food tasted afterwards. One for the record books, that's for sure. Would expect at least a day of soreness, unfortunately.