Tuesday, May 12, 2020

policeman speaks truth to power

One aspect of the perennial gun debate in the United States is the question of whether an armed citizenry can really stop a tyrannical government. Liberals who are for extensive gun control scoff at the notion: "The government is too well-armed!" they laugh. "What hope do you have with your deer rifles and shotguns?" I'd say that a significant group of war-vet citizens, using guerrilla tactics, could put up a pretty damn good fight against government troops. But that's beside the point: the problem, as I see it, is that the police and the military swing mostly conservative, so any order given by a tyrannical government to violate the Constitutional rights of the people will be met with resistance by the police and the military themselves. Elements of the US Army, given the order to fire on civilians, would likely join the civilians in a massive revolt against the government.

With the psychology I explained above in mind, listen to this police officer:

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