Thursday, May 14, 2020

things are not looking good for the Dems

If you consume the fake-news alphabet-soup media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.—and also slanted outlets like The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Newsweek, major US papers, et al.), you might think the Democrats conceivably have a chance with Joe Biden, and that they just might be able to swing Congress even more toward the left/liberal/Dem side come election time. And you'd be wrong: the alphabet-soup legacy media do nothing but lie these days, and you're a fool if you listen to them.

There are biased polls out there right now putting Joe Biden significantly ahead of Donald Trump in the run-up to this year's big election, but anyone listening to the alt-media knows full well that this is bullshit. If you're a Democrat, you might as well write off 2020. Even with the virus-induced economic collapse, a huge voter bloc is rallying around the sitting president, and as Tim Pool notes below, a red wave is coming. Pool also reiterates something he began saying only a few videos ago: he, a Trump-hating liberal, might actually vote for Trump this November. After spending an eternity on the fence, Pool might finally be seeing the light. He's not quite there yet: he hasn't explicitly said "I will definitely be voting for Trump," but he's made a revolutionary concession in saying that his voting for Trump is not beyond the realm of possibility. That's quite a step for a guy who actively dislikes the Orange Man.

This is one of those Tim Pool videos that I think you'd do well to watch all the way through. If you're impatient, put the video at 1.75X speed, the way I do.

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