Sunday, May 17, 2020

JJ McCullough takes on Falun Gong

What follows is a pretty important video that offers a darker, more critical perspective on Falun Gong (FLG) than you might have been exposed to up to now. Canadian conservative JJ McCullough spends some time describing the cult's weird theology and cosmology, and he also analyzes the way in which Falun Gong is influencing American culture and politics via FLG-funded outlets like The Epoch Times (I receive occasonal emails from this group, but I rarely read anything the emails link to) and—shockingly to me—the YouTube channel China Uncensored, whose videos I display on this blog fairly regularly. McCullough's video is an excellent caution, a reminder of how easily we can be tweaked, influenced, and otherwise manipulated. I'll keep on watching China Uncensored because I like the perspective it brings, but I'll do so more mindfully from now on. Here's McCullough's video:

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