Monday, May 25, 2020

stay tuned

I've got a series review of "Burn Notice" coming soon, and a "frank" post about my Saturday meeting to write. Expect both of those sometime this coming week.

Meantime: summer is upon us. With the imminent arrival of June, we here in Seoul can expect the heat to crank up a few notches, and July will bring the monsoon. That means most of my upcoming distance walking will have to be done at night; once fall is here in a few months, I'll be at liberty to walk at any time of day. For the rest of May and the early part of June, I'm going to condition myself to do some Everesting. In my current shape, there's no way I can walk up my building's staircase from the B1 level to the 26th floor, so I'll be working up to the full distance in stages. This might take me to about mid-June; once I start Everesting, I'm thinking I'll finish the whole thing by sometime in August. It'll be the worst time of year to be hitting the stairs; I'll try to hit them at night and in the late morning, before the sun has a chance to turn the stairwell into an oven.

I'm also going to ask my boss about the possibility of doing another cross-country walk during the October time frame. We're in a crunch period at work right now, though, so that might not be possible. More news on that as it happens.


Daniel said...

Looking forward to another frank post. Haven't seen any since January! Attempt the eastern coastal trail in the autumn?

Kevin Kim said...

I think I'd need more than a month to do the east-coast trail, so if I did get to do another cross-country walk this year, I'd either do the Four Rivers again or plan out and walk a trail that's shorter than the east-coast one (I've been curious, for a while now, about the Andong Dam spur). The east-coast trail will probably have to wait for next year, when I'm between contracts.