Friday, May 22, 2020

the GOP will lose to the coming blue wave!

Pardon me while I snicker. Tim Pool tackles the wild-eyed prediction that the GOP is in for huge losses this November because of the sorry state of the US economy. As Pool notes, this assumes that the public is stupid enough to blame the current economy on the president when, in fact, it's the blue-state governors—the ones leaning on a lockdown strategy—who are killing off their states' economies and dragging down the nation.

Pool notes that the liberal media have failed to learn any lessons from 2016. "Do these people not remember? Perhaps they have the memory of a goldfish."


The Maximum Leader said...

Sadly (and without the benefit of having watched the video), people are stupid enough to blame the president for things out of their control. To wit, HL Mencken:

Kevin Kim said...

I'll guess we'll soon see whether Trump's ability to "bark with the pack" can keep his election prospects from sinking. It's all about crafting an appealing, compelling narrative.

Kevin Kim said...

I'd also recommend that you watch the video. Do it at 1.75X speed if you're pressed for time.