Friday, May 29, 2020

probably the last graphic for a while

I've used Photoshop for years, but I'm molasses-slow at any sort of graphic design. Never having been tutored in the program, I'm unaware of the hundreds of nifty shortcuts that modern artists use in order to create designs in any sort of Adobe program. But I don't let my slowness stop me: as I've told my boss on many occasions: I can't work faster, but I can work longer. So here's the next graphic for a different chapter of the textbook we're working on:

You can guess the five scrambled sentences, but if you really want them displayed, I'll display them (although I probably shouldn't with proprietary material). Feel free to finish the story. I hope it involves a random pterodactyl.

Note: we've hired a graphic designer who starts next week (Korean dude whom I met in 2015—very friendly, hard-working, talented guy), so he'll be taking over the job of creating these comic strips. Thank goodness: I've been staying at the office late because of these illustrations. It's after midnight as I type this.

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John Mac said...

Good on you for the effort even if it is not your forte.

Your statement about working longer not faster made me smile at a memory. Back in my mailman days, I had a supervisor always on my ass to hurry up in the sorting mail portion of my job. One day I told him: "Mr. Minor, I only have two speeds, and if you don't like this one you are going to HATE the other one!" For some reason, he didn't like me much.