Wednesday, May 13, 2020

for Addofio

I don't think once-semi-frequent commenter Addofio visits my blog anymore (she's a liberal, so she probably thinks I'm a Nazi who wants to put Mexicans in concentration camps or something), but I visit hers every time she posts. Her latest post contains plenty of beautiful images from nature; I jokingly commented that I had the urge to Photoshop a Lovecraftian tentacle rising out of one of the lakes she photographed. And that led to this:

It's a mediocre Photoshop job at best. I'm no good at adding water ripples, and I'm sorry about the shadowy penumbra surrounding the tentacle. But before I put the penumbra in place, the tentacle didn't have enough contrast against the background of the lake and the far-shore woods. Think of the shadow as the dark glow of evil.


Charles said...

Now you just need to add Frodo hanging from the end of that tentacle.

For the record, I don't think you are a Nazi who wants to put Mexicans in concentration camps. I know for a fact that you are actually far more horrifying than that.

Kevin Kim said...

Tell no one.