Monday, May 11, 2020

"Yaaaz, Queen! SLAY!"

I was introduced to the whole "Yaaaz, Queen! Slay!" (or, spelled in a way that doesn't match the pronunciation: "Yas, Queen! Slay!" or, in illiterately punctuated form, "Yas Queen Slay!") meme a few months ago when I heard Styx saying the phrase completely out of the blue. It apparently has its origins in drag-queen culture, and a normie-speak translation of the expression might be, "Yes, my drag queen! Slay those around you!" The expression got ported over, more or less, to feminist circles, and now, it's used as a cry of affirmation and sisterhood by regular women who encourage powerful (or self-empowered) women every time the latter women make some witty, cutting remark or otherwise display self-confidence and authority. So a woman who faces down a man with some emasculating insult might earn a cheer of "Yaaaz, Queen! Slay!" from female witnesses to the event.

Now that you know what the phrase means:

June (a.k.a. Shoe0nHead) also uses another current slang term: simp. A simp is a simpering submissive—someone willing to put aside all dignity in a desperate attempt to receive attention and/or curry favor from someone the simp admires. "Take my money, please!" cries the simp. "Yes—shit on my head! I deserve it! I want it!" There are strong echoes of a sort of worshipful masochism in the simp's attitude. Simps tend to be male, and their attitude is rooted in a pathetic veneration of unattainable, arrogant females.

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