Saturday, August 28, 2021

birthday dilemma

Assuming I stick to my current schedule, August 31—my birthday, and also the Taliban's deadline for American withdrawal from Afghanistan—is going to be a fasting day. But my #3 Ajumma has summoned me to her place because she feels obliged to do something for my birthday. It's a touching sentiment, but it would warm my heart more if Ajumma were a better cook. She's an excellent painter, as I've repeatedly shown whenever I upload her paintings here, but as a cook, well... to put it politely, she's not my mom.

So if the day goes as it has in previous years, I'll eat dinner and have some cake, and the whole thing will be over in an hour or so. My blood sugar will be thrown out of whack, which is not what I want to happen this close to my doctor's appointment, but how do you say no to your Ajumma? I think I'm just going to fast the following day. I really didn't want a second cheat day right before my doctor's appointment, but I'll try to keep the cake and other carbs to a minimum and just hope that I don't do too much damage to myself.

As for actually celebrating my birthday... I won't be having another cheat day until late October, so I guess I'll celebrate right around my brother Sean's birthday (October 15). Aligning cheat days with the social calendar is hard work, it turns out.

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