Tuesday, August 31, 2021

set the weight-gain cutoff at 103 kg

Until I get my diet under better control (I'm still taking in too many carbs), I expect I'll be gaining some weight back before my big walk. I also expect to lose some weight during the walk, but maybe only 5 or 6 kg, not my usual 10 or 12. This is because I lost so much weight already since May. So for the moment, I'm telling myself that if I get back up to about 103 kg before the east-coast walk, that's not a horrible thing: I'll be re-losing that weight, then losing even more, over the course of that month.

I now have sixteen days until my hospital appointment—a bit more than two weeks. At this point, having moved to keto and having done a couple months' worth of dieting, I think my blood sugar ought to be fairly low, my A1c ought to be 7 or under (in the 6es would be nice), and my blood pressure, while still high, ought to be lower than it was at my previous checkup in June. If all my numbers are still high, despite months of effort, I'm going to be very frustrated. We'll just have to see how the appointment goes.

Once I'm back from the walk, I'm probably going to have to find ways to keep the weight off. Caloric restriction seems like the best bet, but I still haven't figured out, in my mind, what the best strategy might be (see this post for a discussion). I just watched a video of a guy who trained hard, ate well, and went from about 95 kg to around 72 kg, and that's factoring in the fact that he was losing fat while also gaining muscle. It was a pretty impressive transformation that took him the better part of a year. And he trained hard

If I'm going to get into anything like that shape, I'm going to have to train just as hard, and psychologically speaking, that's a tough row to hoe for me. I'm naturally lazy, and I like certain kinds of exercise but not others. For the moment, I've got resistance bands, dumbbells, a pullup bar (still unused because of my shoulder), and the prospect of diving deeper into bodyweight calisthenics. All of this will have to coalesce into a better, more detailed training plan than the one I'm on now if I'm to see any real improvement. Stick around and see how it goes for me. And as I keep saying, check my progress this time next year.

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