Wednesday, August 18, 2021


I imagine you'll be wanting evidence that I haven't been lying this entire time about my weight loss, so I guess, on Friday morning, I'll provide you with some pics. Mind you, I think of this as me being maybe a bit past halfway toward my true weight goal of 90 kg, so any pics I put up on Friday must be considered "during" pics, not "before" or "after." I'm still a work in progress, still fat, and really, the work will never end because we're talking about a lifestyle change. But I do have a goal weight, and I hope to reach it within the next few months. Eventually, there will be bona fide "after" pics, at which point we can do the "miraculous body transformation" thing that's all over YouTube and Instagram as people proudly post their success stories. Seriously, though, I think things are going to be a lot better next year. It's been only a couple months since I started this weight-loss/fitness project, so you can't expect radical results instantaneously. But, hey, if my "during" pics inspire some of you to embark on your own weight-loss/fitness adventures, then tant mieux (all the better).

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