Monday, August 16, 2021

Styx on Kabul and Biden

Styx has nothing kind to say about our Fuck-up in Chief:

An Instapundit commenter says:

Calling them scruffy goatherders does smokescreen the incompetence, but yeah, the scruffy goatherders could see the difference—Trump had basically ceased US combat ops for a year and kept his word about what he negotiated with them he would do, and when. It didn't take a scruffy goatherder to tell that Biden was dragging his feet and not keeping the promises made, which is indicative that even with his liar's deadline of Sept 11th, there would be continual excuses. I actually think the Taliban were quite patient before deciding that if Biden didn't give a shit, it was time to toss him off the pot. It probably did not help at all that the embassy building that they were undoubtedly watching with great interest, rather than showing signs of a ramping down and closing up shop, suddenly unfurled a gay-pride flag . . . kinda makes me think that [that] bit of virtue-signaling [was] actually the signal the Taliban saw that finally convinced them they were not dealing with sane, rational, or trustworthy people.

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