Tuesday, August 31, 2021

off to Ajumma's in 45 minutes

I've been starving myself all day in preparation for a homemade dinner—and, very likely, some birthday cake—tonight at my #3 Ajumma's place. I'll see whether I can make the meal as keto as possible, but I doubt it. And I'll have to eat at least some cake tonight, so fuck it: this is the second cheat day that I didn't want to have. Maybe I'll walk some extra kilometers tomorrow morning in addition to my usual 140-minute evening walk.

I'll say more tonight. Maybe there'll be photos. I'm definitely curious as to Ajumma's reaction when she sees me. She's always on my ass about my weight. Murphy's Law says she won't be that impressed, and at some point, she's going to say, "Lose more!" Which I do need to do. Ajumma's a Korean Christian, which means she might also react by suddenly dropping into thankful prayer upon seeing the new me. You never know.

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